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We provide Personal Speed Reading Support to each person who needs it. But, we spend our time only with the serious minded individual who is committed to speed reading success and personal growth.

Register now while registration is still free. By registering, you indicate your willingness to put forth the effort to succeed.

Once you are registered, you then have the full support of Speed Reading World. We are committed to your success.

Registering is easy. Just fill out the simple form below and get instant access to the following areas:

1. Access to the Speed Test Area.

2. Free On-Line Lesson which is a small sample of The 5 Day Speed Reading Course.

3. A small sample of the RBAP 5 WPL SFSRM printout you use with your Free On-Line Lesson.

4. Access to our Live Bulleting Board, Forum and Chat Room. You may post your Personal Progress Report and get persoanl feedback from Rai Dudley.

This feedback and personal coaching is part of what guarantees your speed reading success.

5. Access to our Chat Room for a Private Lesson, especially if you are not in the USA.

6. Super Accelerated Maximum Progress Flexible Schedule (SAMPFS) Progress Report with personal feedback from Rai Dudley.

7. Access to the introductory price for The New Mental Technology Software Introduction which contains 4 Mental Stretches: MS1, MS2, MS3, and MS4.

These are the first 4 MSs of the total of 31 MSs that are in the full system.

8. Toll-Free 800 number help, 24/7, at 1-800-205-7432.

You must use your valid email address as you register. Those who use an invalid email address will not be granted access to our Private Member's Only Area.

You may receive an email from Rai Dudley, the author of the New Mental Technology and Speed Reading Power, once a week concerning his Private Lesson Availability and other updates.

Things you get:

Password to our Private Member's Only
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Free Speed Reading On-Line Lesson

Sample of
Right Brain Activation Project
5 Words Per Line
Specially Formatted Speed
Reading Material

Super Accelerated
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Access to our Private Member's Only
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Access to our Members Only
24-Hour Speed Reading Chat Room

Speed Reading Personal Tips

Speed Reading Purchasing Tips

Detailed information on personal growth.


Speed Reading Bulleting Board

Speed Reading Chat Room

Meet other people with common interests.

Technical Help - Your questions answered by Rai Dudley, the Founder and CEO of Speed Reading World
and author of the New Mental Technology

Toll-Free Members Assistance
1-800-205-7432, 24/7.

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