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Reading Speed Test

Step One
"How To Do This Reading Speed Test"

This reading speed test is setup to cover the average reading speed (in English). In the U.S.A., the average reading speed is estimated to be slightly less than 200 words per minute.

When you are ready to do the test, scroll down the page so that the entire test area is visible in your window. Then click once on the start button and start reading the words in the blue test area. After 15 seconds, a pop up flag will appear. You will also hear a chime which signals the end of the test and to stop reading. (Be sure speakers are turned up!) Take note of where you stopped reading and check the number of Words Per Minute (WPM) next to the sentence where you stopped.  This is your reading speed.

If you get to the last line and still have time left, start again at the top. Add 432 to the number in the right column where you finished.

Read Instructions Before Testing.
Press This Start Button
when you are ready
to begin reading the lines below.

readtestnew.gif (29016 bytes)

Step Two

"How To Do The Speed Reading Lesson"

First Click Here to get the reading material that goes with this lesson, then print it out.

During the Speed Reading Lesson, move your index finger from side-to-side under the line you intend to read, keep the beat only on the left hand side of the column you are reading. Run the timer and move your index finger from side-to-side, keep the beat on the left hand side of the side-to-side motion.

When you are ready and have your sound turned on click the button below to start the timer.

You may practice keeping the beat
with the 10 Second Timer below.

Mental Stretch 1 Beat Timer

Press Play to start your Speed Reading Lesson,
Mental Stretch One (MS1).

IF you have no sound Click Here for more info.

Step Three

"Take The Speed Reading Test Again"

Click Here To Re-Test

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