Just as a Chemist depends on the standard sample to ensure reliability we depend upon our page 1 to ensure reliability.

The standard sample tells the Chemist if the analysis is good and as you read page 1 it tells you if your technique is good.

Mental Stretch

The 2-minute 10-second speed reading exercise referred to as a Mental Stretch is only 1 of the 31 total MSs in the system.

The 2-minutes and 10-seconds that it takes to run one full Mental Stretch is not for your pleasure reading as it is a MS.

It is the time that you must put all of your attention on keeping the beat and trying to read with your highest comprehension.

The Layout of the text on these pages is one of the essential parts that makes it 100% effective when used properly.

It is specifically designed to and is very effective at quickly raising your mental processing speed as this is its true power.

It can cause what I refer to as Full Right Brain Activation in the shortest time which is 3,000 WPM in less than 72 days.

Full Right Brain Activation allows your reading speed to reach an amazing speed of 25,000 WPM within 6 months.


Now let’s look at some special definitions that apply only to this special text and the format of this special reading material.

Vocalization - To use your lips and vocal cords to read aloud as you say each word on each page aloud as you are reading.

Sub-Vocalization – To say the words on a page silently in your mind as you read and not move your lips or vocal cords.

Below hidden sub–vocalization barrier – To read with a speed that is below 600 WPM with a comprehension of 100 percent.

Above hidden sub-vocalization barrier – To read with a speed that is more than 600 WPM & comprehension is 100 percent.

The Area of Total Recall – To read with a speed that is more than 3,000 WPM with your comprehension at 100 percent.

Total Recall - To read with a speed that is more than 6,000 WPM and again your reading comprehension is 100 percent.

Most readers say the words on a page silently in their minds as they silently read and not move their lips or vocal cords.

The maximum talking speed is 400 WPM and this is your once unexplored talking speed limit the Sub-Vocalization Barrier.