New Mental Technology
by Raiford C Dudley Jr

This Speed Reading System is the most powerful new mental technology that quickly raises your mental processing speed.

Speeds of 3,000 WPM in 72 days and 25,000 WPM within 6 months are documented at our Live On-Line Internet Forum.

The information age demands a higher level of proficiency in reading and to prevent being left behind you must do it too.

Quickly learning to use this new mental technology will allow you to outperform all those in competition with you.

It will allow you to do better in school and on your job as your use of the system prevents outsourcing of your new job.

Outsourcing of old jobs will not stop as all nations industrialize and only people with new skills can fill the new high-tech jobs.

If you continue right now you could be ahead of the big crowd and if you do not continue right now you could be left behind.

What may surprise you more than anything else is how easy it is to use this system and the other surprise will be its power.

It is so easy-to-use you may not know that you have already started using this elegantly powerful speed reading system.

This system is so effective it works 100% of the time when used properly and we have a support setup if you need help.

If you are not making the progress that you think you should it is time for you to get help from our suppot system.

The Specially Formatted Speed Reading Material is also not written to be grammatically correct or soothing to read.

This text is the Right Brain Activation Project Five Words Per Line Specially Formatted Speed Reading Material.

It is abbreviated RBAP 5 WPL SFSRM and the 4-line text is edited to cause your reading speed to increase very quickly.

To ensure that the font size and the number of words on each line are correct verify the first line of the first paragraph.

As part of this special format the first line on this page starts with the word "This" and ends with "is" when it is printed.

Editor’s Note

This is a break in the text for an Editor’s Note and marks the end of the speed reading flow check and speed test area.

If your timer is still running return to the top left of this page as the reading flow check and speed test area ends here.